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Laughter sprung up easily between two forms as they lingered by a set of lockers. 

    “You’re a complete idiot Sakito. You know that?”

    “Says you. But I think my grades speak different.”

    “Yeah yeah yeah whatever.” A pair of eyes watched them and prompted the guy to meet his, disdain suddenly all over his face. 

    “He won’t quit will he?”


    “Your supposed boyfriend.” The girl sighed massively and went to shut her locker. 

            “Saki..just leave it alone alright?  If you were dating a girl, would you not be protective over her too?" She asked.

            “There’s a different between being protective and being possessive. You’re not in any form of danger for him to be looking at me like that.” She shut him up with a punch.

            "Enough. Let's go to class." She dragged him along, despite his protesting. 


            After class, the two came out of the classroom and eyes took in the way the girl… his girl giggled and playfully hit the guy on the chest. 

    “Quit!” The guy laughed and said something else but this time, he didn’t give the chance to react. Approaching them, he spoke, throat tight. 

    ”Hey babe. What's up?”

    “Hey bae. Not much. Just gettin out of class.”

    “You hangin with this dipshit today?"

            “The only dipshit I see is you.” The bastard had the nerve to retort, his eyes flashing dangerously.

    “Whoa hey both of you cut it out okay? Let’s not do this.” Jaw tight, the prick swallowed his pride and conceded.          

            “I’ll see you later Elle. Call me when you get home.” A grin came to him and he laughed at his retreating form. 

            "Yeah, you better run you pussy!” 

    “Logan stop it! Now!”

            "That asshole occupies all of your time! You're like his babysitter!"

            “I am not and you don't understand.” 

    “What’s there to understand? I’m your fucking boyfriend and he’s a dickhead.”

    “STOP calling him names.”

    “What is it with you two huh? Y’all fuckin on the low or somethin?”

    “Don’t you dare!” She hissed before turning on her heel. 

    “We ain’t finished Elle. Come back here!”

    “No. I’m going home.” She said angrily as she continued on, pushing past the school doors




    Sakito was always picked on. The smartest kid in the class and yet he was often bullied the most. It made no sense to her. He was a quiet guy, never bothered anybody much. He did his homework and went home like other good kids. For some reason, the groupthink mentality of the young growing minds  ganged up on him, picking stupid reasons to harass him. Sighing, she stepped into her house and threw her bag down on the floor. 

    “Hey Ma! I’m home!”

    “Welcome home baby! How was school?”

    “Good. I’m gonna call Sakito and see if he wanna come over for a study date.”

    “Midterm week huh?”


    “Alright well then I get started on dinner then.”

    “Kay.” Quietly climbing the stairs, she gave another heavy sigh. Sakito was her best friend. They had known each other literally all their lives. And they were inseparable. There was nothing that could break them apart… not even a Logan. Hence why she told him he didn’t understand. Sakito got her when nobody else did. 

    Plopping on her bed, she got her cell and dialed his number. 

    “Mosh Mosh?” His warm tone greeted her ears and she smiled into the phone. 

    “Hey you.” She knew he was smiling, she could hear it. 

    “Made it home huh?”


    “Thank you for the call.”


    “So you know what I’m going to ask right?”

    “No I’m not telling you what happened and yes you can come over. Ma already planning ya plate.” Chuckling into the phone, he sighed. 

    “On my way then fair lady.”

    “Mmhm yeah yeah.” But when she hung up, she felt her heart flutter. It had been doing that more and more as of late. 

    “Elle, Sakito’s downstairs.” 

    “Coming!” It helped that they lived right next to each other and knowing him, he had his shoes placed neatly by the door, already stepping into the kitchen. His smirk at seeing her got bigger and a liquid heat pooled to the center of her stomach. What the hell was that?

            “What you smirkin at?” She asked, placing a hand to his forehead.

            "Nothing." His voice purred lowly.

            “You finding something awfully funny.” At the glance from her father, the smirk slid away and instead he offered a shy smile.

            “We’ll talk about it later.” 

    “Yeah let’s get to these books.” Leading him up to her room, she couldn’t stop that smirk from flashing all over her mind. It was strange. Her heart beat faster as she thought of how sexy he suddenly seemed, how confident, how sure of himself he was. Surely, that had to be a dream because there was no way that her Sakito was that out of pocket. This was the same dude that clumsily bumped into lockers and tripped over his feet going up or down stairs. Yeah, that… that was something. 




    “Study Saki.”

    “I wanna tell you somethin.”

    “Our test is in two days Saki.”

    “I want you to come with me.”

    “Come with you where?”

    “This summer I’m going home to Japan.” That piqued her interest and she lifted her eyes up from the textbook. 

    “Japan you say?” He grinned. 

    “Yessss Japan. And I’m going to Rome too.”

    “Damn lucky lucky you.”

    “Come with me.”

    “I don’t think my parents will let me go across the world.”

    “You’ll be with me. What harm can we get in?”

    “Boy bye. A lot of harm.” 

    “Oh?” His voice changed and he stared at her with warm yet alluring eyes. She dropped her pen.

        “Yes oh. Have you forgotten how clumsy you are?”

    “Okay so we’re blaming this on me being clumsy.”  He smirked and licked his lips.

    “I’m curious what other kind of trouble you think we’d get in.” Heat traveled down her stomach.

            “You wildin right now Saki-chan.”  He liked it when she called him that and it became her thing to do when she didn't want him to know something.

    “You still haven’t answered me about the going thing.”

    “I wonder why. You over here licking ya chops at the thought of me going.”

    “I want to experience being in my motherland with my best friend. Who wouldn’t?” 


     “Iyo, Iyo. You don’t have to answer right now. But trust and believe I’m gonna ask again.” Not even his habit of speaking random Japanese could get rid of the feeling in her stomach. 

    “Whatever.” Like so many nights before this one, things soon grew quiet as the pair began to intensely study before being interrupted by her mom to come eat. 

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: Here we have the first officlally revamped chapter. I've changed the name of Elle's boyfriend from Derris to Logan. Taka and Elle's chemistry is already off the charts right out the gate LOL. These two are something else. I think realistically Taka would be flirty like this with Elle even though he does tend to be shy. He's comfortable with her and allows her to see his true personality. Logan a hating a**. lol. He know deep down that he'll never have what Taka and her have and it burns HIS BUTT. haha. It's a short start I know but let me know what you think so far hehe. 




Mosh Mosh is a shortened version of Moshi Moshi which is Hello in Japanese. 

Iyo means okay in Japanese. 

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.