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Chapter Six – The Memory


Twenty Years Ago


After selling her soul to have eternal life and beauty, Iren stared at her appearance in the mirror for a while, relishing in her new beauty. The demon that helped her assigned her as a succubus to keep herself looking young. She sighed, she was also invited to an party by that demon, a private masquerade party for supernaturals. Looking at the red gown and black mask on her bed, she had already spent the money, so why not go?

“Okay…I can mingle with them.” She mumbled under her breath. “I’ll blend in, and maybe they won’t know I’m new to this.”

She called a taxi, putting on the dress and mask as she waited. She smirked at her reflection. All she needed was her lipstick, and she’d be good to go. Hearing a car horn outside, she hurried to glide on some red lipstick, grabbed her purse, and left.

“Where to, Miss?” The driver asked as she got in.

“This address.” She said, giving him a strip of paper with the address.

“What are you doing going to that part of town?” He asked.

“I’m invited to an event. That is all.” She said. He nodded, and drove off. She sighed shakily, watching the buildings pass. Iren perked up when they were slowing down to an abandoned looking building.

“We’re here.” The driver said.

“Thanks,” She paid for the tab, and got out. She was nervous, this looked like a warehouse where they kill people or traffic sex. Walking up to the door, she opened it slowly, there was a man in all black waiting by another door.

“State your species.” He said with a gruff voice.

“S-Succubus.” She said. He nodded, opening the door for her. The lights were bright, and she could hear laughing around her. Everyone was dancing and clinking glasses. “This doesn’t look too bad.” She mumbled to herself. Then the atmosphere changed, the room became silent as everyone looked at her. She swallowed hard, walking towards the drinks. With everyone’s eyes still on her, she tried to ignore it by grabbing a glass of wine.

“They love fresh meat.” She heard a voice say. She turned to the side to see two girls and guy around her age. “The new ones are the best around here.”

“Oh?” Iren asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“I’m Mary, that’s Evangeline, but she goes by Angela. That’s Caleb.” Said Mary. “I’m a fairy, she’s a succubus, and he’s an incubus.”

“Ireniva…I’m a succubus as well.” She said.

“That’s awesome!” Angela said.

“Yeah, we don’t get many succubi that look like you.” Caleb said.

“That look like me?” Iren asked.

Mary rolled her eyes, “They mean black.” Angela and Caleb glared at her.

“That’s not what I meant, I meant goth…sorry Ireniva.” Caleb said.

“Whatever, just mingle with the other species…but never mingle with them.” Mary said nodding her head towards a group of intimidating people staring at her. They were all dressed to impress. “The vampires. They’re all descendants or friends of the descendants.”

“What’s their deal?” Iren asked.

“They think they’re better than us all, they’ll only come for us if they want our blood.” Angela said. “Our blood fucks ‘em up.”

“Succubi and Incubi blood?” Iren asked. Angela and Caleb nodded.

“But fairy blood is what they crave.” Mary said with a smirk. Iren rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, Mary.” Angela teased. They laughed, but the laughing was cut short when everyone got quiet again. They looked up to see that everyone had parted like the red sea, letting a red headed woman walk through. She looked like she stepped out of Vogue magazine, walking slowly towards the group. She pointed a long, slender finger at Iren.

“You, come.” She commanded. Iren looked to the group, pleading for help. They shrugged, eyes wide.

“Just go.” Mary said, pushing her forward.

The red-headed woman held her hand out, and Iren took it. She lead her up the stairs, ignoring everyone’s stares. Once they were upstairs, she unlocked a door, and pulled her inside.

“What the hell is going on?” Iren asked.

“Did I tell you to speak?” The redhead growled.

Iren chuckled humorlessly, “No, but I don’t need your permission, bitch.”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows, “You talk to all vampires like this?”

“Look, why am I here? To be your little drink for the night, no way.” Iren said, pushing past the woman. She was pulled back by her hair roughly.

“I like you…” The woman said. “State your name.”

Iren pulled her head back, releasing her hair from the woman’s tight grip. “Ireniva.”

“I am Victoria.” She said, reaching to play with Iren’s hair. Iren flinched away.

“Well, Victoria, I’m not interested.” She turned to walk out the door.

“What’s the matter, never been with a woman before?” Victoria teased.

Iren turned with a smirk on her face, “I’ve been with women, just not a vampire.”

Victoria’s face lit up, “Then you don’t mind just a taste?” Iren thought about it, when would she ever meet another vampire in the future.

“Fine.” She said, feeling too adventurous. Victoria pulled her to a couch, leaning in to kiss her sensually. Her hands rubbed Iren’s shoulders as she started kissing her neck. Her dark lipstick was smeared on her face, and on Iren’s neck and lips.

“Lean back.” Victoria whispered. Iren did as she was told, Victoria pushed her dress up, and spread her thighs. She rubbed Iren’s lace clad clit. Iren gasped, closing her eyes. “Don’t close your eyes, Ireniva. Look at me.” She looked down to see Victoria pulling her panties off. She hovered over her, kissing her again while plunging her finger into her wet folds. Iren moaned into the kiss as Victoria’s finger curled inside of her. She took her finger out, going down to lick the juices from her pussy. Iren’s eyes rolled back, hands landing on Victoria’s head.

Victoria watched her intensely as she shook and jolted, moving to the inside of her thigh, she kissed it before plunging her fangs into her thigh. Iren grunted, biting back the pain, then moaned as Victoria fingered her once more to balance out the pain with pleasure. She licked the rest of the blood, coming up to peck Iren on the lips, licking the blood off the corner of her mouth and pulled her up.

Iren was in a daze, “Thank you, Ireniva. I hope we meet again.” Victoria said. “And I’ll be keeping these.” She held up Iren’s panties.

Iren turned to leave, walking back to the table with drinks, Angela, Mary, and Caleb weren’t there anymore.

“There you are!” She heard Angela say. “She must’ve did a number on you.”

“Yeah, your makeup is smeared like a used hooker.” Mary said. Angela sneered at her, “Shut up, Mary. I’ll fix it.”

She wiped up the smeared lipstick from Iren’s face. “There, all better.”

“Come on, before another vampire finds you.” Mary said.


Victoria smirked, making her way back to the group of vampires. She clutched Iren’s panties in her hand tightly. “Oh Vicky has finally taken down her first demon.” She grinned.

“Not just any demon, a succubus.” She said to the group.

“Don’t they only have sex with human men?” someone had asked. She rolled her eyes, holding up the panties as evidenced earning chuckles. She saw Demetri joining the group, late as always.

“Sorry I’m late. Did I…did I miss anything?” He asked, eyeing the panties.


“Nope.” She lied.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.