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"Vegas!" Angel cringed when her mother's loud outburst caused her to winch, forcing her to hold the phone away from her ear.

"Vegas", Angel confirmed as she took in the scene around her, two weeks ago today she learned she would be going on an adventure of fame and fortune with Brittany. Angel looked around the massive hotel suite that the band hand got for them, they each had their room and bathroom, which was conjoined with the kitchen and living room, their bedrooms on opposite sides from each other.

"Pay attention to your surroundings and do not speak to strangers. I cannot believe you two went and to Vegas in the spare of the moment", Angel's mother was not upset with the girls only concerned as she always was when it comes to not only Angel but Brittany too.

"I know mom but sometimes you have to just live a life you know", Angel tried to reason with her mother but she knew that a long lecture would follow when she does meet up with her parents. Due to Angel being the only child, her parents could be overprotective.

"Hey, mama!" Brittany came squealing into Angel's bedroom, she had heard Angel's mother's voice as she was taking photos in the suite. Angel looked up from her phone to greet her best friend with a smile as Brittany laid across the queen-sized bed.

"Hello Brittany, I hope you both be safe and do not take food or beverages anyone gives you", Angel chuckled at Brittany's facial expression as if she were a kid in trouble.

"Of course, I miss you. I hope I get to visit you for the holidays", Brittany practically took the phone away from Angel's grasp.

"You are always welcome, I just hope you sing us a song. You are always a joy Brittany", Angel loved her mother and her best friends' interactions. Her parents loved Brittany as if she were a second daughter.

"Of course, speaking of singing that's the entire reason for our girls' trip", Brittany was about to go into more detail about the reason for the sudden Vegas trip she and Angel are on.

"Oh, mom my phone is about to lose service, love you bye", Angel didn't wait for her mother's interjection as she hurried and ended the call.

"Woah okay why did you do that", Brittany was now confused at Angel's actions.

"I sort of lied but not lied and told my mom we saved for this because we needed this trip. I didn't tell her that we are here as you are following your dreams and national rock stars paid for everything", Angel knew she'd have to hear an entire lecture from her mother whenever she chose to call her back.

"Oh, well I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind", Brittany sat crossed-legged on the bed now stared at her best friend who now was going into the bathroom, her makeup bag in hand

"So the guys are having dinner tonight at some fancy restaurant and we're invited, it's supposed to be upscale but John said anything will be fine"

"You light up when you talk about him, this is interesting", Angel took a few of the contents of her makeup out of the bag arranging them onto the counter. The girls learned that they would be here for a week, an entire week that would possibly feel like an entire year.

"He is so funny, so cool, and he's a gamer just like me", Brittany blushed.

Angel now standing in the bathroom doorway stared at her best friend with a smirk. "I can see how your night may go"

"I had sex with him at the party", Brittany confessed with her eyes closed causing Angel to gasp and as she was about to ask for more information, there was a knock on their door. Angel gave Britt a questionable glance, Brittany only gave her a confused one but both girls made their way into the living room with Brittany in front. Brittany looked through the peephole of the door and mouthed "Jamie".

Angel unfolded her arms that were across her chest, she doesn't know why but she looked down at her outfit: a pink tank top that stopped above her belly ring and spandex active shorts.

"Hello, what a lovely surprise", Brittany stated as she opened the door to greet Jamie. Jamie greeted Brittany but his eyes remained on Angel who gave him an awkward wave.

"Hi", Angel managed to get out as Jamie came future into the living room, Brittany closing the door as he came future into the living room.

"Nice view, so are you ladies settled in yet", Jamie stated as he looked around the suite.

"Almost so what's going on", Brittany asked.

"Well, I was coming to steal you for a moment as your lovely presence is requested. I also had hoped to invite Angel as well", Jamie's eyes were singing to Angel. She felt safe with him, she trusted him.

"Okay", Angel said with a smile, meeting Jamie's eyes.

Brittany and Angel followed Jamie throughout the luxury hotel and to the black SUV where John was the driver and Jamie got in the passenger side as both women got into the backseat.

"Hello ladies, how's Vegas looking to ya", John was looking in the rearview mirror directly at Brittany who gave him a sly smirk as she buckled her seat belt. Brittany didn't want to admit that she got these butterflies whenever she spoke to John. John felt it of course and he had hoped that Brittany now working with the band would not scare her off, he had hoped that she was open to accepting him as he accepts her.

"It's nice you know, I wasn't too excited I admit but this is nice", Angel stated, she began to look out of the window as the car moved throughout the lanes, she set on sightseeing as a distraction.

"Well everyone is excited to see you guys, we have a bit of free time before we work tomorrow night", John said.

Angel continued to look out of the window as they drove through the streets of Vegas, she may be not excited about this Vegas trip but both she and Brittany did need to getaway. Sometimes Angel feels like she works so much and too much that she never really has a life outside of work. Working at a high-quality store has its perks but sometimes Angel felt like she is just settling, she doesn't get excited about work, she just does it because she has bills to pay, and quite frankly that's just the way it is. Angel admired Brittany because Brittany takes risks, if she doesn't want to do something she focuses on what she wants to do, when Brittany's parents wanted her to be a lawyer, Brittany stood her ground and expressed that is not for her. Now that Brittany is fulfilling another dream of being a singer, Angel should not scold her for her decision to quit the store, at least she is following her passion.

"Welcome to La Casa", Jamie said as he unbuckled his seat-belt bringing Angel out of her thoughts, they have made it to their destination.

This home was an old-style Italian villa with three floors, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a grand entry room, two libraries, and a breakfast room with French style doors opening to an outdoor dining deck, a European kitchen with marble countertop Islands, four-bedroom suites, and oversized balconies overlooking the grand pool. Angel has thought the last home was a masterpiece and now she was certain that this placed topped the last home in her opinion. She and Brittany stood side by side admiring the home and of course, Angel would be thinking one thing and Brittany would say it aloud.

"You guys have to be billionaires, I mean wow", Brittany was now following John's side as they made their way to the front door.

"You can come in if you want", Jamie decided to make light fun at Angel who was gawking at the place in admiration, these were homes she would see in magazines, and the magazines did it no justice.

'Right behind you", Angel turned her head to look at Jamie who gave her a small smile.

Angel followed Jamie into the home and tried to keep her eyes from bulging out sockets, she became self-conscience in her attire as she and Jamie walked through the home, he was giving her a tour but she soon realized she was giving him a tour as well.

"There's a gym here too, nice", Angel decided to distract Jamie as they made their way to the gym. She loved the floor to ceiling mirror, and the glass door leading out to the backyard landscape.

"My favorite part when I visit as well", Jamie admitted.

"I thought your last home was nice but this is beautiful", Angel looked up at the mirror ceilings as well.

"Yes, it is. This is Aiden's main home, very grand. Very nice, there are also two libraries under this level", Jamie was looking around the room as if he was seeing it now for the first time.

Angel tried not to be affected by the sound of his name, she kept her emotions down as she continued to look around the gym. "Well it's very nice"

"Yeah, well how about I show you around", Jamie was eager to show Angel around but his phone rang. She could see his disappointment as he talked into his phone, his eyes leaving her for a moment.

"You okay", Angel asked after he was done with his call.

"Yeah but I have to go talk to Jimmy at one of the meetings across town, I'm so sorry I was looking forward to this tour", Jamie admitted.

"That's okay, you are so sweet"

"Well I guess I should take you to meet the rest of the guest"

"Well don't you think I can look around some more", Angel honestly wasn't ready to quit her mini-tour, she was so in love with this home.

"Well", Jamie seemed unsure mainly because this house was huge and he didn't want her to get lost.

Angel could see the hesitation, especially when Jamie rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, I have my phone and it's fully charged. I can text Brittany if I get lost right, she's with John", Angel said as she pulled her phone out of the thin pocket of her spandex shorts.

"I don't know, Aiden may not like that I left a woman all alone in a place she doesn't know", Jamie stated.

"I may not", Angel and Jamie became startled at the sound of Aiden's voice as he stood in the doorway of the gym. Angel became started due to the walls being crystal clear and she didn't notice Aiden walking past the glass.

"Aiden, glad you are here. I have to meet Jimmy across town can you help her meet up with her friend, she may be with John", Jamie was talking to his older brother who appeared to be uninterested in what Jamie was saying however, soon after Jamie explained himself he was gone to attend his meeting leaving Aiden and Angel in the gym.

Angel didn't like how he was looking at her, she didn't like how his eyes seemed to be annoyed with her so she decided she needed to break the ice. "Look I think we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Angel", She reached her hand out as if to shake his, he looked at her hand but didn't prepare to shake her hand at all.

"Aiden", he said as if he was only going along with this formal introduction to making her happy.

Angel smiled at him as she placed her hands behind her back. "See that was not so bad"

Aiden looked at her and the only thing he kept staring at was her neck, Angel however was unaware that his focus was solely on her neck as he stared down at her, the space between them too big of a gap for his liking.

"I love your home, I hope you don't get upset with your brother. He was just showing me around because I asked him to", Angel decided to move future away from him as she moved to the opening door of the backyard, looking onto the landscape in admiration.

"He wasn't focused on the tour. You are practically naked", Aiden bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her back, and she was turned away from him. He did not move, when he saw her and Jamie on his security camera screen he almost lost his control. He also smelled that Angel was developing feelings for his brother which she had every right to feel the way she feels, she didn't know that she was his soulmate and he feels like this may be for the best. When he saw her and Jamie, he wanted to immediately mark her but it would possibly kill her especially due to his rage he felt. He also knew that if he continues to be cold to her, she will be able to break this hold that she has on him, she can be free and safe away from him.

"This day and age, I can wear what I want when I want", she laughed at him, turning back around to face him, she looked into those cold grey eyes that looked at her with annoyance.

"You can", he said as he folded his arms across his chest, the black shirt he wore practically hugged those muscles and Angel couldn't stop the feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked at him, she was not scared of him but she felt something she couldn't explain. She wanted to understand him since meeting him in that club she felt something, even if he was nothing but rude to her she couldn't explain this feeling to anyone.

"You don't have to be so macho and cold towards me you know", she said which caused him to gasp, and that statement caught him off-guard. She then walked towards him, past him waiting for him to finish showing her his home.

"Angel", he said her name in a whisper but she heard it, for a split second he felt bad but then he remembered why he has to keep them separate, she is a weakness for him. She will never understand the danger she will be in.

"Can you just show me around this place, it is beautiful", Angel asked as he turned towards her, he seemed pretty unsure but Angel will not let him get to her anymore. Aiden said nothing but stood beside her in uncomfortable silence as they walked down the halls. Angel's face lit up with each room, Aiden didn't state which room they were in at all, leaving Angel to guess but she was accepting that he wasn't going to say anything as they made their way to each new room on the second floor. Angel had noticed a staircase leading down just around one of the corners of the game room when Aiden decided to end the tour.

"Okay that's enough, I have work to do", Aiden said as he put his hands in the pockets of his grey sweatpants.

Angel smirked at him "Okay fair, I probably talked your ear off enough today. Thank you", she enjoyed just being around him, even if he didn't say much, she caught him smirking along their trip around his home as Angel discovered anything she like about each room and each piece of detail she liked, even though she had wanted to look at one of the libraries she settles for this moment of Aiden not being completely rude to her.

"Let's get you back to your friend", Aiden had managed to keep a good distance between them, each passing minute with Angel was torture to him, his wolf would attempt to fully take control whenever Angel got to close to him.

Angel followed him throughout the halls and when they finally made it to the grand living room, she saw Brittany writing on a piece of paper with John sitting across from her. She heard Brittany humming as she wrote but she looked up because John had looked towards the two as they came future into the living room.

"I take it the rest of the gang are with Jimmy", Aiden was speaking to John who then asked to speak to Aiden privately. Angel made her way to the couch and slowly sat down next to Brittany who laughed softly.

"You're not going to break the couch Angel", Brittany stopped writing to look at her friend who was carely seating on the white tufted couch.

"This house is freaking insane, I love it. I don't think I can ever live in this", Angel said as her eyes landed on the grand piano that set next to the fireplace.

"Angel you can live anywhere you want to, you are always so hard on yourself. Hey, check out these lyrics, not done but alright so far. Do you think that Aiden will like it? John says he will but he never really says much", Brittany asked as she and Angel looked over the lyrics.

"He doesn't talk much but screw him if he doesn't like it, I like it already. You are so talented", Angel was seriously looking over the words as she read the lyrics word from word. Brittany was pleased that Angel supported her, no matter how crazy an idea Brittany has ever had, Angel supported her. It feels good to have a friend who truly wants to see you suceed.  


Chapter End Notes:

Hey guys! I have missed writting! I hope you all are well!


BTW if anyone knows someone who can do a banner for me please let me know or point me int he direction to make one.

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