Royally Yours by Bryleigh Lisette

This is the story of Prince Harry of Wales and his wife Tina Thompson. Who is not only a commoner, American, but is also black. Faced with challenges, lies, and deception can they beat the royal stigma of ending in divorce or will their love survive though it all...

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Rated: 17 and older
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Duke and Duchess of York have produced three male heirs and their beloved Princess Diana Marie Claire. Diana isn't a normal child and has trouble living in the spotlight hiding a crucial secret... How will the love of her life react when he unfolds the secret note inside her heart.


"Love me; That's all I ask of you"


story theme song: All I ask of you- Phantom of the Opera

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Series: Royally Yours
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Published: November 23 2011
Updated: October 07 2013

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