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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This was once a story called Sometimes, We Need a Little Reminding ^^ 

I've renamed it Accordance! For a reason! Accordance to many things!

  • Society 
  • Love 
  • Social constructs 
  • personal idealogies 
  • Media 
  • Cultural barriers and norms 

As you can see, I've taken it and complicated it some!! :D <3 This will be a pleasure to write. I love the idea of being the only one in a system of all homogenous society! I however do not want this to be like Chocolate Cake. While the lead female will attend school, their stories and the overall story will be different! ^_^ Please enjoy~





 Sakaguchi Kentaro as Iwase Hiroto (28) 


Natasha Kalos as Ebere Marshall 

Teaser 1 :

    He hoped no one noticed. Her fingers slip through the wooden supports of the chair and reach for him. He hoped no one saw his fingers meet hers. And the gentle shock that jolted them when the touch exploded their world in color. Her existence meant everything to him. She was the reason he breathed in lungfuls of air when he woke up in the morning. They called her plain. Ugly. Ordinary. She painted his heart red and made it beat faster. Tightly gripping onto her fingers, he slowly looked up at her form. Her face was etched in concentration and her pencil tapped against the edge of her exam. Thinking. He wondered which question she was on. Reaching further, he took his nail and pressed it into her palm. She sat up slightly taller but did not turn her head. 

    “What question are you on?” He wrote into her skin. 

    “38.” He calmly flipped his test to the correctly answered question. 

    “The answer is -1.0. The correlation is stronger.” She wrote thank you and slowly… she pulled her hand away. He reluctantly let it slide away from him. He sighed. When this class was over, he would be able to speak. 

    “Time is up! Pencils down.” The teacher announced loudly. Many students looked nervous. This exam was a bit challenging. Soon, they handed their exams forward and the bell rang. He got up and stretched. There would not be any words until they met in their secret place. Away from the school, where no one would see them. He gathered his bag and didn’t glance at her again as he left the classroom. 

    “Ah! Hiroto-kun!” He stopped and turned to find his friend Tobu running down the hall. 

    “What’s up?” Tobu slapped him in the back. 

    “You like that girl?” He started walking. 

    “What are you talking about?” 

    “I see you looking at her.”  

    “Tobu-kun don’t be an idiot.” 

    “I wonder if the color will disappear! Wah, she’s so weird looking. Why do I find myself intrigued?” Tobu pondered as they walked down the path home. 

    “You sure it isn’t lust? It’s wrong to want someone just for sex.” Tobu raised his eyebrow. 

    “You don’t want her? Every guy here wants her.  I hear she has done naughty things to some of the athletes after school.”  He scoffed and stopped walking. 

    “I’ll see you later Tobu-kun.”  Tobu waved is dismissal. 

    “Yeah yeah. Call me later so we can study for this next exam.” He watched Tobu walk away before he slowly began to make his way back up the road and coming around the corner, he found her sitting on a rock, looking out at the pond. He licked his lips. 

    “Rae?” She turned and a soft smile came to her face. 

    “‘Roto-kun!” His heart beat faster. 

    “Have you been waiting long?” She shook her head. 

    “No.” He came closer to her and gently placed a hand on top of her big soft curls. 

    “Liar.” She pursed her lips. 

    “Let’s talk about you helping me to cheat today!” She playfully pushed at him and he felt a small smile come to his lips. 

    “You should be thanking me! I saved your ass!” She sucked her teeth but couldn’t hide the smile. 

    “Hiroto?” He took his hand away from her hair and sat down on a rock next to her. 


    “Do you like me?” He looked at her and her brown cheeks filled in with red color. 

    “Do I like you?” She was still and quiet, worrying her lips with bites. 


    “Look I get it if you don’t. I understand.” He watched her mouth move and slowly, he sighed. He got up and pressed her hands into the rock. He leaned closer until her breath fell on his chin. 

    “Is it okay if I do?” Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak. 


    “Everyone else says we should stay away from each other. But, what if I don’t want to? What… what if I want to get closer and closer to you until we become one?” She sharply inhaled at his implication and looked away at the setting sun. 


    “Shh.” He pressed his lips to her cheek gently. His warmth melted into her skin and she sighed at the contact. Contact she had secretly desired and yearned for. They had come a long way since she first came to their school. They had been through so much already. He pulled her head back towards him and their lips met in a tender kiss. He gripped her hands and deepened the kiss and she melted against him. He couldn’t go back anymore. Her lips tasted so good. They belonged on his. Time seemed to slow and after what seemed like an eternity, he pulled back, breath heavy. Her eyes remained closed. Still. Her mouth parted. Savor. Shock. Dizzy. Slowly, she opened them and set their gaze on him. 

    “I’ll walk you home.” He whispered and let go of her hands. He grabbed his things and held her backpack. It was getting dark. She was still trying to recover. She felt warm and her head spun. 

    “‘Roto-kun?” Silence. Then, 


    “W-What does this make us?” They walked some more before he answered. 

    “It makes you mine.” He reached out and pulled her body closer to his. 


    “Yeah.” She smiled and gently wrapped her arms around his waist. The moon soon came out and shined brightly on them. 

    “Don’t believe what they are saying.” She said once they stopped in front of her house. She tugged on the edge of his uniform tie. He smiled. 

    “Never did.” She looked up at him. 

    “What will happen?” He leaned down and kissed her again and she wrapped her arms around him. He lifted her in his arms and once her legs came around his waist he felt his knees shake. 

    “Rae… too much.” He breathed against her neck. She kissed his ear lobe. 

    “Sorry.” The difference between Tobu and him was one simple thing. He had fallen in love. With this intoxicating woman. And while he did want her, every fiber of her being… He didn’t want just physicality. He wanted her heart. Her mind. And her spirit. He wanted everything she was. He put her down and she sighed. 

    “‘Roto…. you shouldn’t… have kissed me.” He knew her body was ablaze. His was burning. 

    “I’m sorry.” She smiled and pecked him on the lips before pulling away. 

    “I don’t have to hide anymore now. Thank you for freeing me.” No, thank you for showing me what freedom is. 

    “Goodnight Rae.” 

    “Goodnight ‘Roto-kun.” She grabbed her bags and went into the house. Their newfound relationship was going to upset a lot of people. But he didn’t enjoy hiding their friendship. While he enjoyed their privacy… the time for hiding would end. She deserved to be in the open. And if he went down, then oh well. He would give her his heart if she wanted. In accordance to love. 

Teaser 2:


    “HOW COULD YOU?!” Plates smashed against the wall. His jaw tightened. 

    “If you would just listen to me…” 

    “NO. How could you be with that ugly bitch?!” He sighed. What they had was complicated. 

    “You don’t understand. I’ve known her since… high sch-” Another plate smashed by his face and he tightened his fists. 

    “Why did you have to do this to me Hiroto? I’m your girlfriend! You were going to ask me to marry you!” He swallowed thickly. 

    “I never would have been happy with you Kiko. You and I both know this was for our families.” She began to wheeze angrily and ran to him hitting him. 

    “Don’t you know you come from a line of royalty?! And you’re going to allow some ugly black bitch to taint your bloodline?! How dare you think of this!” She screamed, pounding his chest. He didn’t stop her. He deserved it. Each hard blow of pain left him gripping the table. He had to let her get this out. She had kept it in far too long.     

    “Kiko,” He suggested once her blows softened. She was crying, her body shaking.

    “You’ve followed her all the way here. You won’t stop will you? You’ll go to her until you die.” He couldn’t reply. She was right. 

    “Listen to me hmm? Look at me.” Her teary eyes found his. 

    “You deserve a man who will follow you. Whose heart will forever be yours. I can’t give mine to anyone else. I’ve… I’ve loved her since I was young. And… it won’t ever die.” 

    “It’s not fair. How did she win you? What did she do?” He pulled her in for a hug.

    “Be patient Kiko. Life your life and be free. Be free from your family.” That was the only advice he could give her. He kissed her forehead and pulled away from her. 

    “You’re going to her aren’t you? You can’t be away from her one second!” 

    “I’ll come for my things tomorrow.” He replied and grabbed his coat. He got his car keys and soon drove away. He needed to be with her. His bloodline meant nothing. His lineage meant nothing. All that mattered was Rae. His Rae. It had been years and they had turned with the sea but now… here and now… he was going to make it happen. Pulling into her driveway, he got of of the car. He went to the door and knocked. On the third knock, the door opened and there she stood, lovely and bewildered.     

    “Hiroto? What are you doing here?” 

    “Can I come in?” She swallowed and nodded. He came in and she led him to the couch.

    “What brings you?” She asked, covering her short sleeping gown with a blanket. 

    “I want to ask you a question.” 


    “Do you love me?” She inhaled and looked into his eyes. Anger. But… his answer was found behind the anger. 

    “Hiroto… I…” 

    “You’re angry with me Ebere. I know you are. You deserve to be.” He interjected. She licked her lips and turned away from him. 

    “You.. I…. Look…” His fingers itched to touch her. He kept them at his side. 

    “What I did… you didn’t deserve it. I’ve hurt so many people. You. My girlfriend…” Her shoulders stiffened. 

    “Speaking of her, why are you here instead of there? She’s probably keeping the bed warm and you’re not even there to lay in it.” This once. He moved closer to her until his nose was buried into her carefree mane. 


    “Don’t… call me that. You… lost that privlege.” He wrapped arms around her and she tried to move but he tightened his hold. 

    “Listen to me Ebere.” She was still and he loosened his hold a bit. 


    “You have my heart. It left with you when you moved away from Japan. I’ve followed you across the world… because I couldn’t live without you. Kiko was only to make my family happy.” 

    “Why are you so focused on pleasing everyone else?” 

    “I’d try to explain but would you understand?” 

    “Try me.” 

    “Family is everything. It comes first. Everything else comes second. If you consider outside this, you are looked upon as selfish.” 

    “Mm.” He pulled her back against him and she let him. 

    “I know I haven’t done a great job at this. I’m willing to learn if you teach me.” Her hands came up slowly to rest on his. 


    “Remember when you thanked me for freeing you?” He whispered against her ear. She felt tears come to her eyes.


    “In reality… you freed me. And with you… my freedom is. I can let it all down.” She slid fingers into his hair and turned her face to press against his. 


    “Let me be with you. Not for a night. Not for a day. Let me be with you until I grow old.” She choked on her tears and he smiled against her. 

    “What… what are you asking me Hiroto?” 

    “Marry me Ebere.” She let them fall down her face and she held him close to her as she cried. He kissed her cheeks and nuzzled her tenderly.

    “Yes. I… I will.” He smiled widely and she returned his smile before pulling him to her lips. He sighed into the kiss and soon, he pressed kisses everywhere he could. 

    “I love you.” He breathed against the swell of her breast. She smiled as he pressed his face against her chest and she massaged his scalp gently. 

    “I love you too.”  

Chapter End Notes:
A/N: I couldn't decide so I wrote two teasers LOL. >_< I'm in love with them already! Here is a gif 

What do you think? :D It is completely different than that it once was and I like that! It has returned but different and new/fresh! Let me know what you think! ^_^ <3

-DL <3

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.