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Author's Chapter Notes:

Most of the character descriptions are based off of the book, and there will be some crossover to the movies but not much.This alternate universe is very much chopped and screwed, not everything is what they seem. Like Mad Eye Moody says “Constant Vigilance” Chapter 1 song recommendation is "Yer A Wizard" by Tonks & The Aurors.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Come on we’re going out tonight!” A small chubby hand placed itself on top of the page she was reading and the girl on the bed sighed.

“Hi Viola, great of you to knock”

The girl was quickly learning that Viola Lestrange was like Tinkerbell. You had to clap your hands and pay attention to her so her light doesn't die out. She’s in her early twenties! you’d think she had grown out of her brat phase. Viola was a small girl with inky black hair and a pug like nose. Her mouth always seemed to be twisted down in a frown as if she was quick to dismiss anything and everything you say. Since she stepped off the plane and landed on Britain soil Viola has been nothing but a mean little woman who wanted everything her way and the girl on the bed had made it her mission to minimize contact with her as much as possible.

“Elizabeth” Viola whined. “It's your first night in London! We have to go out!” She screeched and stamped her foot like a petulant child. Her mission was already failing.

Sure, She was quite use to the smaller children at the foster home being like this but not a grown adult. She thought she had gotten away from the whining, and the coddling and the sharing but obviously she did not. They shipped me from one horrible foster home to another heavily accented foster home that's equally as bad, great.

Elizabeth has always been in the foster system. According to her file she was left in a small straw basket on the stairs of a Catholic Church in Scotland, Scotland , and a local had heard her cries and took her to the authorities. From there she was given to a very old couple who always wanted a child but wasn't able to conceive. She has stayed with them for five years until they passed. Elizabeth remembers them being very strict in what she could and couldn't do regarding playing in the house. She couldn't remember what they looked like or going to the funeral but she could remember their last name ,Hooch . Sometimes Elizabeth thought she was sullying their efforts to be parents to her because she couldn't remember anything about them. In fact her memory was so bad she doesn't really remember much until her tenth birthday party at the foster home in America, America .

The foster home, Little Lights: One child could be the sunshine of your lives!, wasn't as bad as the local orphanages. It was situated in the heart of Brooklyn, looking as run down as the rest of the block but it had hot water and free food. Elizabeth thought she would be stating for a few months because she was so sure someone wanted her. She was a cute child with puffy cheeks, twisted hair and beautiful brown eyes matching her brown skin, why who wouldn't what her? Everyone, it would had seemed. Whenever they had new parents come in to interview and “pick” the child they want, Elizabeth would get all dressed up with bows in her hair and she soon notice the people would by pass her without a second glance. She use to think about all the objections, maybe she was too old, maybe she did something terrible. Whatever it was she never found out and she stayed way past the time she should've but the owner, Mr. Dursley a humble British man, allowed her to stay until she got her bearings in the world. Which she never did, but he didn't mind. He liked the company.

Oddly enough, It wasn't until she turned eighteen that people actually wanted to take her home with them. The first family treated her like a charity case that they had to show off and she left but the second family, the second family, was like home. They were a nice Jewish family, the Kowalski’s, they were a weird bunch but nice nevertheless. Whenever she was feeling down John, her adopted older brother, always seemed to know how to cheer up with surprise goodies from her adopted dad's hand-me-down family bakery or with a new hot book she's been saving to get. He was really a blessing, they all were. They didn't make a big deal about their cultural differences, they didn't think she was weird for spending time thinking the imaginable but encouraging it. Life was , finally, actually going pretty well with Elizabeth.

Until her twentieth birthday.

Elizabeth was on her way home from a late university class when she saw a group of people wearing Halloween witches hats rushing down her street. Police cars surrounding her family bakery in Midtown Manhattan with fire trucks beside them. She remembers pushing through the crowd ridiculous words passing through their lips. The dark mark, isn't that the relatives of-, we must get to the ministry-. Elizabeth had just got passed the barrier when a stern looking official stopped her.

“Please, this is my family’s bakery!” Hot tears ran down her face as she stared into bright green eyes hidden behind a pair of old glasses. The man looked tired, stressed and tired, and Elizabeth knew how that felt but she wanted, no, needed answers!

“Mr.” she looked down at his name badge. “Dursley?” She stuttered out. The man’s bushy eyebrows shot
up to his hairline and he pushed his glances on his face further up before he looked at the young female suspiciously.

“I-I use to live at Little Lights foster home” She rushed. The man made no indication of knowledge and Elizabeth could feel time slipping from her hands. I need him to trust me, so he can tell me what the hell is going on! “Uh um Dudley Dursley is the caretaker”

That got him going. His eyebrows rose again this time completely disappearing as his face contorted into disbelief before he remembered himself and shook his head. Elizabeth placed a hand on his shoulder when he wobbled to the side.

“ Can you tell me what's going on?” She asked softly. Mr. Dursley’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times before he looked over at the now smoldering building and back at the teary eyed girl before him.

“I'm sorry Ms.” he spoke. His voice was weird, deep with the usual 1920s New Yorker accent and Elizabeth thought if this was a rookie trying to seem tough or someone from Jersey because no one speaks like that anymore. He waited for her to give her name and she didn't offer it. She didn't want pleasantries she wanted answers and he looked like he understood that.

“But there seemed to be a….fire.” He hesitated. A brief look of grief crossed his face as he looked once more in the direction of the bakery and turned back to Elizabeth. “Your family didn't make it”

She figured it out, really she did. She tried to hold it in, tried to keep from crying in front of this stranger but her resolve broke and a gut wrenching sob left her body. Elizabeth turned away from the stranger with the sad eyes and tried to cover her sobs. They were the only people she had that was family to her, what was she suppose to do?

Elizabeth must've cried for a good while before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She quickly wiped her face as best as she could before she turned to whoever it was.

“Here.” Mr. Dursley stood with a styrofoam cup in his hand. He gestured for her to take it and Elizabeth gave a weak thank you before she took the cup.

“I'll have someone to look over you to get more details, maybe find your next of kin.” He waved her over to a cop car and opened the passenger door for her. Elizabeth sat down heavily as if she’d been working in the fields all her life. She barely managed a nod before he nodded at her and yelled for another officer called Bones.

Elizabeth took a sip of the, tea ugh, and waited for them to come back. But she was asleep before they talked to her directly. When she woke up Dudley Dursley was standing in front of her with a grimace on his face and promptly took her home.

And that's how she ended up in good ole’ England. Well actually a couple of weeks after the fire a brochure had slid through the foster homes mailbox stating that Elizabeth was picked by an international council to get the chance to broaden her horizons and study abroad. She thought it was sketchy, a letter with her full name and address stated the “ media ” heard about her tragic story and wanted her to experience an uplifting and inspiring journey by joining other foster kids with horrible backgrounds find themselves or whatever. The pro was traveling around Europe but the con was studying for classes that was included with the trip.Elizabeth called bullshit but Dudley thought it was so brilliant he wanted to put her on the earliest flight.

“It'll be great” he said in his heavy accent. “You get to see different….cultures” he went on.

“Why can't I stay and help you with the smaller kids?” Elizabeth pouted. They were sitting at the kitchen table, Dudley with a steaming cup of tea in front of him and Elizabeth wrapped up in her hand stitched blanket made by her foster mom.

“Stay here? And look at these dreary walls?” He joked. “You have the chance to see the beautiful rainy sights of England!” He exclaimed. Elizabeth shrugged, how much more different was
England from New York? A bunch of cockney accents? She didn't want to leave.

“Besides I think it’ll be worth your while” Dudley reached into his robe pocket and slid a thick black envelope across the table.

“What's this?” She questioned. The envelope was dirty. It actually looked like it’s been stepped on multiple times but Elizabeth could see the envelope cost a lot of money with the silvery shine it had to it as well as the blood red melted wax on the back. Miss Elizabeth Johnson was written in neat letters on the front.

“Johnson?” She frowned. Elizabeth’s last name has been under Reynolds for as long as she could remember. This had to be a mistake, but the address was correct.

“Aye that’s your last name” Dudley quipped.

“Open it when you see fit” he downed the last of his tea and put the cup in the sink before he clasped a heavy hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder and headed to bed.

“Can't” Elizabeth sighed and pushed her reading glasses up to rest on her forehead. “I have to read this history book and I don't understand it. I have to cross reference at every sentence!”

Which wasn't a lie, Elizabeth had her laptop open on her nightstand next to the bed. The book The History of The Statute of Secrecy and why it should be kept: An Essay from Α First War Survivor wasn't making any sense to her at all. It was like she took a trip inside Alice Kingsleigh head and was reading a list of six impossible things before bedtime without a translation of what it meant. Literally, she went to put it into a search engine and nothing was popping up. Millions of websites and information and absolutely nothing can be found?

“Ugh,” Viola’s whiny voice cut through her thoughts. God she sounds like she's been harboring a stuffy nose for months. “you're such a Raven-”

“Raven what?” Elizabeth looked away from her laptop and over Viola who looked a little out of sorts. Elizabeth frowned and asked the question again.

“Nothing!” She gave a forced smile. Before she twirled and landed on the foot of Elizabeth’s bed. “Come on, it'll be fun!” She said as she bounced on the bed.

“If I say yes...when we come back will you leave me to my book?” Elizabeth mumbled.

“Trust me you won't regret it” Viola squealed. Her smile was so wide that all of her teeth was showing. She looks like the cat who ate the canary.

“”Get dressed in something cute, we're going clubbing” Viola bounced up and gave a little dance before she flew out of the room. Elizabeth grimaced, she just made a deal with the devil she was sure of it.

I hate clubbing.


“Dolohov. We're leaving” Viola called out. The man at the door looked at them warily, Viola more than her, before he gave a small grunt and passed something to Viola and went back to his newspaper.

Dolohov was a silent man. He was the first person she had saw when she had landed. He was in the airport terminal looking completely out of place with a scowl on his face wearing a dark pinstriped suit and a sign that read Elizabeth Johnson in a neat scrawl. He hadn't said much, or anything at all, when she crossed over and introduced herself. Dolohov simply picked up her bags and walked away without much of an introduction. Yes, he completely weirded her the hell out.

“See you soon, yeah?” Viola waited for no response as she flounced out the door and Elizabeth gave the man a timid smile and hustled out the door after the small brunette hauling her black purse over her shoulder.

“You're going to love where we’re going!” Doubt it. Elizabeth was getting extremely annoyed by the other girl. She was like a stage four clinger! When Elizabeth walked into the three story dreary looking apartment Viola was at the door holding a batch of scorched cookies in her hands looking at Dolohov with a strange look on her face that disappeared when she looked at Elizabeth.

“It's to die for” Viola hummed and then giggled. Elizabeth looked at her from the corner of her eyes, a strange feeling filled her stomach and she started to feel nervous. Maybe I should've stayed in bed.

They turned down a street called Charing Cross Road and It looked like it was a quaint little center stop for a town. There were girls and boys bikes locked in the bike holders, cars in front of open establishments. A bookshop that looked quite cozy, I have to set foot in there soon! An old records shop that looked like it seen better days and a brick building with a sign that read Leaky Cauldron. There was no light on from behind the glass door and no sign to indicate they were open but Viola stopped in front of it anyway.

“Is this the place?” Elizabeth questioned. Because if it was she was clearly overdressed for a dive bar. Viola didn't mention where they were going and well actually Viola didn't even give her time to get ready. Elizabeth had to hurriedly drop her phone, keys, ID, and the black envelope into her purse when Viola came back in demanding they had to go as soon as possible. I would've worn a different jacket at least.

“ You can see it then?” Viola looked her with her head cocked to the side. Making her resemble a pug dog all the more. Elizabeth furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her strangely.

“Why wouldn't I be able to see it?” She questioned back. Viola blinked slowly and lifted a bushy eyebrow.

“Right…” She said before she opened the door. Thanks for not answering my question. Elizabeth thought before she followed after her.

The inside was not like the outside. In fact, Elizabeth had to do a double take to make sure the outside was the same! Inside, the Leaky Cauldron was as lively as one of the clubs back at home. The lighting was so dim that she could barely see and It was packed to the point that Elizabeth thought she would have to hold onto Viola’s jacket just to keep up with her as she moved to the back of the bar.

“Move.” Viola said icily. Two grown men stood in front of the back door laughing loudly about something. They looked at Viola as if they were ready to tell her off until they actually turned to face the duo. As soon as their eyes landed on the black haired diva the easy tipsy grins turned sober.

“I said... move .” And they did. They walked away with their face ashen with fear and their figuratively tails tucked between their legs.

“That was harsh” Elizabeth said as she watched the two men walk away. The feel of cool air hit her face and she didn't have to guess that Lestrange left her by herself. Elizabeth rolled her and went to follow her but noticed something sparkling on the ground. She picked it up and looked around. A man donned in black was the only person near her and the only person walking away from her general direction. He must’ve walked past when I was looking at those two guys.

“Excuse me” Elizabeth called. The man stopped and his head moved to the side as if he wasn't sure if she was talking to him.

“It seems you dropped this.” She looked down at the palm of her hand and noticed the words Galleon written across the gold coin. Is that what they call it now? She looked back up and held back a gasp.

The man that turned around looked like the “creepy thin man” from Charlie’s Angels. He was weird looking with a hooked nose and stringy black hair but he wasn't unpleasant to look at. Elizabeth liked weird.

“Indeed” Dark Onyx eyes stared into hers as he hand flew out to grab the money out of her hand. A small joint ran through the palm of her hand and she quickly balled it into a fist.

“Right. Well….” she moved to the door and looked back at the man but he was already gone. She scanned the bar but didn't see him anymore. Get out of your head and stop looking for an adventurous love tell to write home about. Elizabeth chuckled to herself and went outside to find Lestrange, she hoped she didn't go too far.

Stepping back into the cool air was like a slap in the face. Elizabeth shivered and wrapped her arms around her middle how are Summer nights so chilly I will never understand. She looked around the small courtyard and saw Viola impatiently tapping her foot, glaring into the night. Elizabeth could've sworn the girl had growled when she saw her.

“Come on we don't have all night” Viola grabbed her by the wrist and wasted no time in dragging her across the street and into the night crowd. Where did all these people come from?

The cobbled street of wherever they were was littered with handfuls of people. There were small families, large families, ginger families, blonde families and other type of friend groups walking around. Elizabeth quickly fell into step with Viola who was running off the mouth about the importance of makeup and how she, Elizabeth, better not get too comfortable with her because she won't be sharing any of her makeup products with the girl. Elizabeth scoffed quietly to herself but kept her thoughts to herself. Share makeup with her? As if! She's not even close to my skin color .

Elizabeth had no idea where they were going but that was okay because she was enjoying just walking around in the night air. If we could do this instead of the club that'll be great. She thought as she looked into the window of a green with pink accents store called Honeydukes. The cute little store looked like a mini Willy Wonka factory filled with over excited children and their equally as happy parents. Ugh, I really want chocolate now. Elizabeth looked around for Viola to tell her she was going to peek inside but lo’ and behold she was gone. Elizabeth sighed, I’m getting real tired of this chick leaving me.

“Watch it!”

She could hear the angry huffs and exclamations before her as a small woman with massive hair ran her way through the crowd. Elizabeth tried to move out her way but somehow the woman still managed to bump into her.

“Terribly sorry! In a rush I am!” She yelled out to her. Her wild hair swishing like the most deadliest weapon around her. Weird. Elizabeth, left disoriented by the collision, stopped and blinked to get back into her surroundings. Gosh I got a headache.

“Come on Elizabeth, in here!” Viola was across the street standing under the awning of a purple shop called Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions. Elizabeth furrowed her eyebrows in confusion but nevertheless pushed herself off of the wall she was leaning on and sped to meet the impatient girl.

Once closer to the building Elizabeth noticed two doors, one labeled Fine Robes & Gowns, and the other School & Formal Wear. Viola was standing underneath the later.

“What are we doing here?” Elizabeth questioned. She already had clothes to wear, and she sure didn't want to come out of pocket. The cost of the pound has gone up seen brexit. If it wasn't for whatever arrangements Dudley made I wouldn't have been able to have a place to sleep let alone eat!

“You need to change your clothes” Viola sniffed with her nose turned up as if she smelt something fowl. She pushed on the wooden door with more force than necessary and let herself in.

“What's wrong with my clothes?” Elizabeth frowned as she walked in behind the smaller girl. She thought she looked cute for a night out on the town. Her natural hair was twisted and braided into a bun, dark burgundy painted on her plump lips and a semi-short black dress that clung to her hips with the shoes to match.

“I wouldn't be caught dead with someone wearing that No-maj garb. You’ll make me look ridiculous!” She screeched. She may not understand her words but she knew it was an insult. Hurt, Elizabeth moved away from the smaller girl. Already thinking of excuses on why she couldn't go.

“Here take this” Viola pushed a large, unflattering, black and grey shawl into her hands. Elizabeth looked down at the offending garment with disdain. Is she serious?

“It’s all the rage in London” Elizabeth looked up and saw that Viola was wearing the exact same thing except hers was more fancier with dark green trimming. Dear Lord she’s serious .

Viola didn’t even spare her a second glance as she walked deeper into the shop leaving Elizabeth with her arm full of fabric. Just great . She sighed and readjusted the material so she wouldn’t trip on it as she walked the short remaining distance to the purple fluorescent sign that read Fitting Rooms.


A firm hand rested against her shoulder and Elizabeth was pulled back in between the racks of clothing. An arm wrapped around her throat and she struggled to get up. She rasped for help but all the feet she could see passed by unaware.

“You shouldn't have came back! You should have stayed-” Female, the voice was female and was angry as hell. Elizabeth elbowed the woman in her chest and scrambled to get away from her when she let her go cursing up a storm.

“Merlin balls!”

“What the hell!” They both exclaimed at the same time. Elizabeth rubbed her throat as she glared at the woman before her who was rubbing her chest. The older woman was Indian heritage with long black hair, brown skin, and wide grey eyes that seemed to have no moment behind them. She wore a beautiful black and gold Lehenga and gold bracelets around her wrist. She was stunning but incredibly creepy and more than likely a couple of screws loose to tackle someone. Elizabeth looked at her warily.

“What is your problem?” Elizabeth questioned.

“You just don't attack some- hey!” The woman pulled her down by her arm until their eyes were leveled. Her eyes had no iris that Elizabeth could see and a weird feeling filled her stomach.

“They're coming for you.” It felt like a ball had dropped in her stomach. I should've stayed in my room. The woman's eyes swirled as if a storm was trapped in there just waiting to get out. Elizabeth hesitated to speak to...entertain this lady further.

“Who?” Elizabeth questioned. The lady’s hand moved in intricate patterns over Elizabeth, swishing and twirling and she’s spelling something ! It was a form of sign language she was sure of it but her movements were too fast to recognize the letters.

“Padma…” The lady, she assumed was Padma , stopped abruptly with her hand locked in a solid formed d . They both sat in baited breath, Elizabeth looking down at the black scuffed up shoes before her and Padma in Elizabeth’s general direction. She could feel her heart beating in her chest at the new intrusion.

“You must hide.” Padma whispered. The hand that wasn’t stuck in sign language flew to her neck and pulled a gold necklace with a watch hanging from it from under her Lehenga.

“Padma” The male called again. The shoes had yet to leave but the tone had turned from light and curious to hard and urgent. Elizabeth could hear the panic creep up in the last syllable of her captor’s name.

“Take this.” She pressed the pocket watch into Elizabeth’s hand. The watch was warm, almost too hot touch but Padma’s strong hands didn’t let up. “You must find Grimmauld!” She kept her hands over Elizabeth's in a small cocoon, cradling the small clock as if it was precious cargo.

“Grimmauld? What's a Grimmauld?” Elizabeth questioned. She looked away from their clutched hands and into Padma’s surprisingly clear eyes. The grey clouds were gone and in it’s place was sharp dark brown eyes. It was like looking into the eyes of a very disappointed teacher.

“When the moon rises the stasis will fall.”

“Is that like a person? Or a street?” They said at the same time. Elizabeth was getting frustrated and the added riddle she was spewing was not helping at all. She was freaked out and wondered if she was really in danger or if this was a very elaborate plot made from the depths of Viola’s mean girls mind.

“Those who have lost will win. The final war is set to begin.” Padma continued on.

“Padma hun….” A bright light shined from above. The male voice, higher and more alert, was closer than before.

“Four becomes one and one becomes four. The half blood will rise and cause the new lord's demise.“ She felt faint. Absolutely faint, and the thick fabrics around them did not help her with her breathing. The pit in her stomach twisted even further, pulling everything tight. Elizabeth tried to pull away from the woman but her grasp was unforgiving.

“Press the button, when you are in danger” Padma released her hands and took out a stick from underneath her Lehenga . Elizabeth watched in awe as she gave it a flick and the slight disheveled look in her experience was replaced with a more put together facade. The tip of the stick glowed a slight white before it disappeared completely.

“Remember what I said Elizabeth . It will take you somewhere safe, somewhere like home.” And with that the lady named Padma rose gracefully on her two feet and walked out of the confining space of the clothing racks. What just happened? Was that some sort of magic trick?

A half enthusiastic squeal of the name Lee echoed above her and Elizabeth waited for the two distinctly different pairs of shoes to walk away from her kneeling spot. She was officially freaking out, she hoped that, that wasn't an occurring experience here in London. She felt warm and sick and felt like she could throw up any second. She abruptly stood on her unsteady legs and stumbled out of the clothing racks. The heavy fabrics in arms falling to the floor.

Elizabeth looked around and realized no one noticed her. I could've been murdered and everyone still would've kept to themselves . She let out a shaky breath and bent down to pick up the shawl.

“I'd pick the burgundy and gold. It’d look much lovelier against your skin tone” Elizabeth’s out stretched hand stopped as the same voice as before spoke out before her. Fuck.

She looked up to see a dark skin man with a medium sized Afro and killer bushy eyebrows staring down at her. This must be Lee. They said nothing as they looked at another. Should I say something? Lee your woman, Padma, basically said I won't survive unless I find a rather grim name, person, place, and or thing. Elizabeth scoffed, yeah not likely.

“ Lee ” They both looked up to see Padma looking at them with an inquiring look before she simply held her hand out. Lee looked back at Elizabeth and gave a small incline of his head.

“Be safe tonight.” He said before he grabbed Padma’s hand and walked away.

Yeah I’m definitely not liking London right now. Elizabeth gave another shaky exhale before she stood up and ran right into a red looking Viola.

“Elizabeth! you're still not dressed?” She screeched. “Just come on, I already payed for it” Viola flicked her hair behind her and marched away looking like the perfect imagery of that Beyonce song. Six inch heels she walked in the club like nobody’s business . “I said let’s go!”

Normally Elizabeth would’ve said something back but she was too shaken up from earlier. She hurriedly put the ugly thing on and ran out the door to find where Viola went.

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