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I still remember the day when the aliens introduced themselves to the world.
It was a typical Wednesday and I was cursing my rotten luck as I changed out of my coffee stained work shirt. That was my last clean shirt and I was shoulders deep in the closet trying to find anything remotely clean to wear. My washer had broken last week and I had been making do with short trips to the laundromat down the street.
“Ah Ha!” I held up a shirt in triumph just as I heard my phone go off. “Hey girl what's up?” I asked my best friend Shaye as I struggled into the shirt. “Mia have you seen the news this morning?” “ No still trying to get ready for work,what's going on?” I asked as I walked over to my dresser and grabbed the remote. “Turn it on quick!” She said hurriedly “You'll never believe what's happening!”

I tuned in to the news channel and sat down slowly in shock as the images on the screen showed the impossible. “ That's right folks” the news anchor said excitedly  “As impossible as this may seem we have confirmed contact with alien life. Representatives from the world Selkrai have stepped forward with the shocking announcement that we are not alone in the universe and they have been living among us for years…..”

Fast forward to today as more and more Selkrians came out the closet so to speak about their true nature, the world became more tense. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the human race that they had blended so seamlessly with us but was responsible for so many technological advances throughout history. Thankfully we avoided an all out war in the early days since they came with words of peace and offering to share knowledge and resources.

Apparently the more advanced Selkrians had stumbled upon our world hundreds of years ago and decide to investigate. Upon learning that our planet was similar (although much younger) to their own they decided to keep watch and guide us along our way. That included some of them starting businesses and immersing themselves in human culture. This was made easy due in part to their advanced technology. Not to mention their appearance matched ours enough to pass. A few key differences is that they're taller than your average human with the females being at least 5’10 and the males over 6’3. The females are built along more lean lines with the males being pure muscle. The most telling difference would be their pointed ears, rainbow colored eyes and supernaturally good looks. They were at first content to be in the background and help without us ever knowing they were there, However with all the recent natural and political disasters happening they decided to step forward for a more hands on approach.

Not much is known about their culture except that they are a male dominated society that values honor and they are quite long lived although how long no one was quite sure. They also have family groups called Hales that operate somewhat like a wolf pack, with the Lakai being the leader.They have mastered space travel and their robotics and weapons technologies would make the terminator hesitate. In the years since the reveal they have proved themselves to be quite helpful and willing to peacefully coexist. Although they have refused to show us anything to do with weapons development. To be honest I don't blame them, humans cause enough damage without adding super weapons to the mix.

It came as quite a shock when the CEO of Totality, the parent company of big names such as premier vacation resort Bucket List and tech giant Autonomous recently stepped forward and revealed that he was a Selkrian and was in fact the founder of the company that had been in business since the 30’s. Did I mention that he only looks like he's 35, is my boss and is H O T? I never would have guessed that my job as human resources director would change so much. I went from creating powerpoints on sexual harassment to species equality. Luckily we were assigned a Selkrian named Ly’lah to the department to help us with blending everything together into a cohesive whole. She was a little distant and formal but I shrugged it off, chalking it up to the difference in cultures.

I was going through my emails at work the week after the announcement was made, when I saw one that made me pause. It was from the CEO’s secretary and announced that there was going to be a meeting held in the executive conference room in one hour. It stated that the CEO would like to meet with all department heads and go over the direction in which the company would take in the future. I grabbed my phone and shot Shaye a quick text. Since she was the director of marketing I knew she would have gotten the same email.

Hey have you seen the email?

Hell yeah. She wrote back quickly if I had known I was going to see that hunk of alien hotness today I would have worn the good bra!

I snorted out a laugh I don't think that would have mattered, have you seen their woman?’  

‘ Girl plz have you seen these curves? He need some black girl magic in his life!’  I laughed out loud and shook my head, lacking in confidence my bestie was not.

‘Your too much sometimes’ I sent back with a shake of my head ‘ Save me a seat would you? I want to go over  my notes on the internship one more time’

‘No problem, but dont worry too much! It's a great idea!  She sent this with a thumbs up emoji

I thought about everything that had been going on in the last few years, I mean aliens! Who would have ever thought that there were other life forms out there! I always thought that if we were here it would have to be others, but belief and actual fact are two different things. I’m still in shock since that announcement, a small part of me thinking that this is all just a hoax and the president will come on t.v. like surprise! Just playing! Then to find out my boss is one… my hunka hunka boss I’ve only caught glimpses of around the building and at the annual parties the company threw. It couldn't have been easy for them to reveal themselves and I thought back to the earlier years when there was looting and rioting going on. I remember Shaye and I hiding out in my house until the dust had settled, the mandatory curfews, and the worry that somebody would break in. Everything had been shut down for about a month before order had been restored and I had breathed a sigh of relief that we had remained unscathed from it all.


I sighed quietly to myself and turned my attention towards opening the file i had on the internship. I knew it was a good idea but wasn't sure how it would be received since Totality hadn't ever offered an internship. I quickly typed up and printed out a rough draft, I hadn't been expecting to present the idea so soon but now was as good a time as any. I wanted to make sure I could give a satisfactory answer in case I was called on to give an update about what my department had been working on. We were really excited about this and I hoped it would be approved.  As the leader in phone and computer technology, I knew several prestigious colleges that would love to offer it to their students. This seemed a great time to get a feel for how it would be received by the higher ups.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.