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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This will be something different, something I’ve never explored before. 


A fantasy type thang with fae? Dragons? Water nymphs? Yeah all of that? 



It’ll mostly take place in 2020 but flip backs to ancient China in parts. 


Okay so I have no qualms in admitting that Lay Zhang aka Zhang Yixing aka the sheep of EXO-M is still a beautiful individual. It's been God knows how many years since I've lsitened, supported and even partook in EXO's activities (or kpop in general) for that matter. I really did enjoy EXO-M side more than EXO-K. I'm so outdated that I don't even know if they even have those sub groups anymore. I've heard that the term exotics was changed to exo-l lol. THAT's how disconnected I am lol. Anyway, I stumbled across Lay's video for LIT and I was mind-blown. Y'all hear me? MIND-BLOWN. Yixing was a beautiful ass man THEN (when y'all was calling him cute and innocent and all that ish LOL) and he's grown into an even sexier one now (NOW y'all wanna marry him and have his babies LOL). 

Yixing is the only visual that fits for me when it comes to this story. Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha serving as second inspiration. (who is still bae by the way ion care fight me he is my anime boyfriend) ANYWHOO LOL. The disclaimer that this story and use of Zhang Yixing as main visual is in no way shape of form related to or inspired by EXO, EXO-M or Kpop has its place here. 'Xing's just a gorgeous man who fits. That's it and that's all. hehe. Enjoy the teasers loves~ 




    Wei Mingyu once ruled over great lands. Kings from territories far and near feared the son of the Great Elven Tyrant Wei Boqin. Born of dragon’s blood and that of high elves, his kingdom spanned far beyond the eye could see. Great in both strength and majesty, Mingyu favored victoriously against usurps, coups and territorial wars. Engaged to marry a high born elf by the name of Eolande he is summoned by a Lord of a territory west of his castle. There he meets with the leader of the small township, as he pleads him not to destroy his lands, his people and his legacy. His daughter, an earth fairy named Delphine makes her presence known and he finds he cannot forget her. She is mystifying, beautiful and headstrong akin to Eolande. But what separates her from the elven royal is her compassion, humility and kindheartedness. 

    He, against his will it seems, falls in love with the fairy and determines to have her no matter what consequence he faces. But the price was one that he hadn’t bargained, prepared or asked for. Delphine is murdered in cold blood without so much as a warning and it damn near destroys him. He exists as dead throughout the millenia, having struggled to adapt to the rapidly changing world and the humans thereof. 

    All of it changes when once again for the second time in his life his world is turned upside down by a woman. A woman who looks the spitting image of Delphine. His heart having never completely healed begins to beat again and he develops a near obsession with the human woman. 




    Isolde Jenkins never questioned where she got her name from or why. She just knew that she was always either made fun of or crowed with kids wanting to hang with ‘the girl with the weird name’. She also never questioned why she always had an obsession with China for that matter. Ever since she was a little girl, she had been drawn to the country. When the young woman finally reached age, she decided to travel and study abroad there for a year. Not knowing how to explain the feeling of home that resounds in her chest, she is enamored by everything she sees, touches, hears, and tastes. 

    She finds work at a local coffee shop on work study and one evening a large intimidating man comes in. Possessed with an otherworldly and ethereal beauty, the strangest thing happens when the sunlight meets his deep chestnut eyes. A flash of molten gold glosses over them. It is the first time she meets him but it definitely is not the last and over the course of a year, things between the two ‘strangers’ take an unexpected turn. She finds herself surrounded by mystical beings that most definitely are not supposed to exist. And this so called man asks her to do the unthinkable. Help him fight against these creatures and save what he calls 'mankind'. 


Yixing Zhang as Wei Mingyu 


Katiana Bonifacio as Delphine/Isolde

(insta: kxtbonifacio) 







    “You there.” Deep set eyes lifted and they seemed to set his blood on fire. The little nymph dared to challenge him within her liquid black depths, defiance set in the purse of her full lips. 

    “Elf.” She replied dismissively and his charge commander raised his hand as if to strike her. But it was his hand that stopped him. 

    “Desist. Now.” Her inky gaze met his gold and a slow calculating smirk drifted up onto his face. 

    “Leave me with the woman.”

    “Will you punish her great lord?”

    “Most severely.” Satisfied with his answer, members of his army spat at her before traveling on a ways away from them.  

    “You do not fear me.” He spoke this matter of factly, his tone suggesting surprise and perhaps… pleasure at that fact. 

    “Should I?” She asked, raising her chin up at him again. Smirk growing deeper by the minute, he advanced upon her in a flash, a golden mist containing his essence surrounding her like a miasma. Taking hold of her face, he squeezed her jaw, just hard enough to silence her tongue. 

    “It would be wise to do so little nymph.”

    “I am no nymph.”


    “I belong to the Earthian Fae. These are my lands you trespass on.”

    “Trespass upon?”

    “Yes. You may not have any respect for us lowborn but these are my people and I will not have you destroy them.” At that, he clucked his tongue. 

    “So I have a lowborn princess in my hands.”

    “And I have a stuffy ass of a highborn in my sight.” His pleasure at her defiance grew and the power in which his miasma enclosed around her was enough to suffocate and crush any other. And yet…yet she did not budge. She did not fall to her knees, crippled in pain and beg his forgiveness for her offense. No, she simply glared at him with those lovely ink filled eyes with hatred and disgust. To say that she was beautiful was an understatement. Her ochre skin glistened with what appeared to be morning dew drops and it was aplenty, covering the whole of her lush female body. An elegant bridge tapered down to an enchanting little button of a nose. Succulent lips puckered up in his direction and the color dwelling there reminded him of dusty rose petals. 

    “My my, you are quite the little fairy aren’t you?” She attempted to yank her face away but he only brought it closer to him, making her lift on her tip toes. 

    “Do your people share the same sentiment as you? That it be acceptable to talk to a highborn in this manner? Have you no fear of what may happen to you should I bring word of this back to my Father?” 

    “Do with it what you will, dracgna, but I stand my ground.” Chuckling, he pushed her away from him, almond shaped eyes filled now with molten gold glee. 

    “This shall prove to be interesting indeed don’t you think fairy of Earthia?” 

    “Indeed dracgna.” 





    “Have you ever flown before Delphine?” Turning obsidian eyes onto the highborn Elven prince of the North, her lips pursed. 

    “I have no need. I have wings that produce no significant amount of wind.”

    “That’s not what I asked you.” Licking her teeth, she turned towards the tall brooding man. 

    “No. I have not.” Pleased with her answer, he dared to smile…even a little bit. 


    “Why do you frown?” She asked, taking in his distraught features… features that looked much better with joy in them she observed. In midsummer, he’d adopted a less stuffy attire, one she was sure those of his kind would not take too kindly to. He bared his entire trunk, drops of perspiration dotting along the shapely alabaster collarbone, defined chest and abdomen. He wore dark russet trousers and for the first time ever, she dared to look upon his feet as they welcomed the earth beneath them. 

    “Concern yourself with it not.”

    “You didn’t answer the question Mingyu.” The corner of his mouth twitched in a smile and he turned those gorgeous gold eyes onto her. 

    “I am displeased knowing that our time grows short.” 

    “So you’ve come to like this little fairy hm?” Finally showing his teeth, he laughed quietly. 

    “Indeed. However much of a chit she is, I have come to enjoy her company.” 

    “And imagine that… considering how we met.”

    “Hm.” Things grew comfortably quiet between them before she turned to face him. 


    “Well what?”

    “Are you going to take me flying or were you just teasing me?”

    “Should I take you? Do you deserve such a reward?”

    “I should say so. After all I have done to prevent war with other Earthian tribes. It’s the least you can do.” Smirking now, he advanced upon her and took her by the waist, drawing her breath. 

    “If you’ll be grateful and mind your tongue then perhaps I will.” Lifting her petite arms, she wrapped them around his neck. 

    “I shall dracgna.”

    “Then we shall fly.” To her amazement, massive wings began to sprout from his back, the tops cerulean blue, fading to azul, purple and lastly a vibrant magenta at the tips. She couldn’t contain her shock and her mouth dropped open. 

    “Surely you’ve seen wings before caelia.”  

    “None such as these.” 

    “Come.” He tightened his hold on her waist and with a gentle flutter, they were off of the ground. She gasped loudly, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. 

    “I will not let you fall little one.” He assured as he continued to ascend, turning their forms with great control and ease. 

    “Look upon your homeland.” She hadn’t realized that she had squeezed her eyes shut, face pressed against the juncture between his neck and shoulder. Taking a shaky breath, she turned eyes downward and again her breath was taken. All around them below lush green, trees and flowers of every kind looked up at them. High above that they could see no fairy, her eyes traced the plenty of hills, plains and mountains, all clothed in varying degrees of fairy dusts according to tribe and creed. 

    “Gods…it’s…it’s beautiful.” Smiling down at her, he didn’t reply as he gave another gentle beat of his wings. 

    “If you have conquered your fear of height, I shall take you for a ride.” 

    “A ri-” His wings released a powerful gust of wind and they shot west as an arrow, straight and concentrated. A scream came up from her throat and he chuckled as he toyed with her anxiety, twisting and turning most cruelly before letting her body rest in his hands, hovering just above the water’s edge. His eyes took her in, resting so close to him. He could feel the pound of her heart through his fingertips that rested on her back. Her eyes were for the first time since he’d seen them clear, light seeming to part the black depths. Like a glassy sliver of moonlight, they looked up at him. 

    “Glide upon the waters if you wish.” He spoke quietly against her and she obliged, leaning her head back to tease the surface with her coils. A luminous yet soft smile danced on her lips, lips that summoned his. With a gentle flutter, he released a sprinkle of miasma around them, this time not gold but iridescent shimmers that glittered and shined upon her skin. She opened her eyes to the sight and smiled again, reaching up to tease his jawline with soft gentle fingertips. With one last push, they were back on land, slowly descending to the ground. 

    “Cast you a spell over me Mingyu?” 

    “There is no need for that caelia.”

    “Then what do you call this?” Once their feet touched the soft plush grass, he smiled fully, teeth showing and dimples appearing in his cheeks. 

    “A mutual exchange.” 

    “Of?” He didn’t speak as a group of translucent butterflies came from amongst the trees, no doubt drawn to her enticing aura. They fluttered around him, teasing his hair silky and white. Gorgeous magenta and azul elvin markings decorated his cheekbones. But Gods… his eyes…. liquid gold seemed to melt her as her army of butterflies continued their assault, coming to sit upon his shoulders, chest and the top of his head. He lifted a large warm hand to her cheek and took hold of it. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against hers, the pouty rose colored forms soft as the skin of roses. She felt her knees weaken and pressed a hand to his chest, where once a butterfly adorned the flesh. He said nothing still as he pulled away, just enough to inhale her scent, as maddening and potent as it was. 



    “Yes. A never ending list that lie between you and I.” 

    “I imagine we must sort through them dracgna?” His eyes burned, drowned and intoxicated her and the press of his lips against hers again all but ruined her. His teeth gently bit into the deliciously supple flesh beneath him and she hummed her delight at his answer; lifting up onto her tip toes. Slowly, his wings enclosed about them, forming a cocoon around them. 






    He stared at her from across the room, eyes intense. She felt them cut into her but tried to ignore it…Clearing her throat, she smiled at some of the other customers before forcing herself to lift her gaze to the brooding man who sat in a secluded section of the cafe. This was the fifth time this week that he’d come in, asked for a large black coffee, no cream, no sugar, sat at that same table and stared at her for the evening.  

    “He’s doing it again.” Her co-worker Chunhua whispered in English. She’d lucked up and befriended the college student who like her wanted to learn another language and travel abroad… only Chunhua wanted to go to the States. 

    “He’s hot. What are you guys talking about?” Biyu put in her two cents, coming to wrap an arm around each of the girls, both shorter than her to her chagrin. 

    “He’s the mysterious silent type. That’s how most of the men here are Lihua.” Pursing her lips, she eyed him again, who in turn hadn’t yet taken his eyes off of her. 

    “He’s gorgeous… really. He looks like he could be a celebrity or something.” 

    “Yeah his skin is so clear and bright. I bet you he only dates girls with good skin.”

    “And money. He reeks of money.”

    “Does he?” She asked, blinking at the two women who damn near drooled over the stranger. 

    “But of course.”

    “His lips look so soft and kissable.”


    “What! You know you’re thinking it too!” 

    “Actually I wasn’t but okay…”

    “He obviously has eyes for you. Sometimes, we women must make the first move mèimei.” Shoving her towards the exit door of the bar, Biyu grinned. 


    “Go. Say hi at least.” Pouting severely at Chunhua’s grin and Biyu’s cheshire smile, she sucked her teeth and slowly made her way towards him…shoulders folded over and stiff. 

    “Staighten up!” Chunhua mouthed, with a thumbs up. Lifting up her back, she took a slow deep breath. 

    “Ah…Sir?” He had lowered his eyes for a moment to drink his coffee but at her arrival, he lifted them, intense and dark over the rim of the cup. 

    “D-Did you want a refill?” 

    “Yes.” Widening her eyes at his surprisingly pleasant baritone and English, she gripped the sterling silver pot of steaming coffee. 

    “Please.” Though he tried to keep his voice gentle, he couldn’t erase the power it radiated and its authority demanded his request fulfilled immediately. She cleared her throat and lifted the pot, filling his cup up. She bristled at an attempt at a smile from him. His face was entirely too stiff and it looked like it hurt him to move his lips. Which speaking of lips… did look soft and rosy, plump and supple and God she was starting to sound like Biyu jiějiě…

    “Um…is there anything else I can get you Mr…”

    “Wei. Mr. Wei. And no. Nothing.” Mr. Wei… so that was his name. 


    “Thank you..Linhua?” He had glanced down at her name tag. Feeling her cheeks grow warm she nodded. His eyes drew away from her chest and locked hers in a trance. 

    “Pretty. Fitting.” 

    “Thanks.” Again, he made an attempt to smile and failed and she laughed, not able to control it. For the first time ever, his normally gloomy moody gaze widened a tad and his lips parted slightly. 

    “S-Sorry. If you need anything else, please let me know. We thank you for your business.” He didn’t say anything else as she bowed her head and scurried away from him. Instead, his fingers began to glide across the rim of his cup, a cup that from her touch smelled like her. Smelled just like Delphine.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: WHAT Y'ALL THINK? This is so far out of my realm I have NO idea what I"m doing just so y'all KNOW Lol. OMG. lol. I like it so far personally! Tell me what y'all thankin! 


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