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Author's Chapter Notes:

Beta Reader: Jsilver2000 Summary: Captain Kirk was celebrating his capture of the smuggler ship, and everyone was wondering about Uhura. Charlene Masters and Eve Brody were recruiting other female crew to train for their cause, and their plans were falling into place. Kirk did not know it, but the female crew could run his ship.See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Things Never End

In Chapel's quarters, two women were interacting romantically, cuddling on their bed and discussing the ship and its crew.

"What do you think about Scott, Chris?" Sharon Running Deer asked, snuggling up to her lover.

"I don't know, but things sure are interesting. I mean, Scotty had the upper hand on Uhura. She should have been dead. Scotty didn't take it well, whatever it was that happened at that meeting."

"If it wasn't for that Vulcan, she would have been dead!" Running Deer added.

"You're right! On top of that, Nyota spared Scotty's life. Interesting. She couldn't kill him because that would get the Captain really mad; Scotty is the best in the Empire." Christine thought about it and gave Nyota credit for what she had done so far.

"If you say so; he may look like the best," Running Deer huffed.

"What do you mean?"

"I've heard Masters is the unsung hero of Scotty's engineering feats!" Running Deer replied.

"Interesting. What about Reilly and Chekov?" Christine asked.

"I've got to admit, Uhura did a great job in handling the prostitution ring. In that situation, Medical was called just in time to save their genitals. Otherwise, they would have ended up with prosthetics."

The two women laughed at the thought.

Chris looked at Sharon: "We contributed to that. You know, I think we did a noble thing. The women on this ship have always been treated badly and degraded-like second-class citizens."

"Yes, I agree. What's next?" Sharon asked.

"It looks like Nyota is managing things well on her own; let's see how things play out."

Charlene Masters had invented a device that neutralized phasers and agonizers, but the weapons needed to be within the range of the device. She was in the process of broadening the range of the beam. She explained the idea to Mira Romaine, and the two were able to redesign the beam range successfully. They had become a working team with a common goal, but they kept their relationship strictly business around the crew.

Nyota had just gone off duty and sent her bodyguard, Tina Lawton, on her way. Nyota was heading to her quarters when she noticed the corridors were empty. She became uneasy and slowed her pace, checking her surroundings. She glanced around and saw not one person; her hand slowly moved to her blade.

"You're not going to attack me, are you, Nyota?"

Marlena Moreau, one of the Captain's women, emerged from behind a bulkhead down the hall and slowly started walking toward her with a confident smile on her face. Nyota moved her blade to her gold sash as she watched Marlena advance.

"Depends on how you see it, Marlena."

Marlena stopped short and eyed Nyota up and down. "It seems you've been busy lately. I noticed your handiwork with Mister Scott. I did like the fact that you kept his finger as a memento. But I'm wondering how you... managed to get your promotion," she said with a sneer.

"How did you manage to clear the corridor of the crew?" Nyota asked, feeling uneasy. She knew Marlena and Janice Rand always worked together. "Vixens."

Marlena took a deep breath, tossed her head to the side, and lazily said, "We are the Captain's women. We do have some advantages to do... and take... what we want."

Nyota looked around, still with her hand on her hip near her knife. Then the fear crept into her thoughts that she could disappear, like some of Kirk's rivals had: "Where is your friend?"

Marlena's sly smile widened: "All I want is for us to talk, just girl stuff."

Nyota eyed her and didn't like the odds, she would rather have dealt with Scotty: "Okay, talk!"

"Janice and I are curious about your relationship with Kirk; we've noticed that he has taken a liking to you for some reason."

"And you're wondering if I slept with him, right?"

"That and what your position is in his life?"

"My personal life is not your concern or business. Did you ask your man?" Nyota continued scanning her surroundings with an uneasy feeling.

Marlena slowly shook her head at Nyota's reply. "Tsk, Tsk. Not the response I was looking for; we were hoping you would inform us first. We both wonder why he would pick you anyway."

A door swished open behind Nyota to reveal Janice leaning on the door frame twirling her knife .

"We were really hoping that you would talk to us woman to woman, Nyota. You hurt our feelings."

Nyota jumped and turned with her knife ready. "Look, you two bimbos, I don't have time for this. I'm tired and want to take my bubble bath."

Both women approached with their knives drawn and Janice said, "We don't like sharing, Nyota, and you have become a threat."

"Didn't your mothers teach you about sharing? Sharing is caring!"

Nyota felt slightly relieved, knowing she wasn't going to just disappear; she would rather deal with them this way. She judged their distance and the way they held their weapons; she thought of a plan. Being Kirk's women, neither of them saw much combat, but Nyota often had to defend herself as part of a landing party. She had a huge edge in experience. She put her knife back in her boot.

Marlena lunged forward with her weapon, yelling "B TCH!"

Nyota was able to knock the knife out of Marlena's hand with a twist of her wrist and then punched her in the throat. Marlena grabbed her neck and winced in pain, falling against the wall and sliding to the ground. Janice moved faster and kicked Nyota in the stomach, just hard enough for her to lose balance. Janice maneuvered behind her and placed a chokehold on Nyota, attempting to hold the knife against her throat. Nyota bent her knees to lower herself and flipped Janice over her back; she hit the floor hard. Marlena grabbed her knife and started to get up to help her sister vixen. Nyota, breathing heavily, dragged Janice to her feet and flicked her knife against her cheek.

"Don't even THINK about it; Kirk won't find her cute anymore!" Nyota snarled at Marlena.

Janice's eyes widened at the thought, and Marlena saw her distress in her face, stopping her in her tracks. She pointed her blade at Nyota and said.

"She's bleeding!"

"That's what happens when you play with the big girls, ladies! Let's take a walk to Chapel's quarters. She can help with your boo-boos. You lead, Marlena."

Marlena walked ahead. Nyota followed her with Janice in a headlock. They traveled four doors down to Chapel's quarters, and Marlena rang her chimer. Running Deer opened the door to see a disheveled Marlena rubbing her throat and Nyota holding Janice with blood trickling down her neck.


Christine appeared in the doorway and gave a slight chuckle at the sight that greeted her. She folded her arms across her chest:

"I am not surprised, not surprised at all. Nyota, you have to stop entertaining me." Christine stepped aside and let the women enter.

Nyota looked at the laughing head nurse: "Forgive me for inviting myself, but we have some injuries that need your attention. Do you mind?"

Christine turned to Running Deer: "Go get my kit, honey." Then she turned back to the guest: "So, what happened?"

Nyota released Janice and shoved her toward Marlena, who caught her as she stumbled. "It seems my relationship with Captain Kirk has been misunderstood," Nyota said snarkily. "I was... ambushed over my promotion."

"Aw, that's the rumor I've been hearing too, Uhura. Everyone is talking about it." Christine looked at the two vixens and raised a brow. "Janice, let me see to your wound before your man has a meltdown."

Running Deer gave the kit to her woman, and they both approached Janice and attended to her cut.

Marlena was still eyeing Nyota, waiting for her to answer the question. She finally snapped: "Well? What is it U-hu-ra? Are you sleeping with our man? If so, then this is not over by a long shot!"

Uhura sashayed to the desk with her hips swiveling and a devilish smile on her face, making the moment last longer. She leaned on the desk a safe distance from them and watched Christine and Sharon clean Janice's wound. Nyota twirled her knife as she watched the steam come out from both vixens' ears. She softly chuckled.

But Christine and Sharon exchanged a look of agreement. Christine turned to Nyota: "We both will join your cause. You have proven that this thing will work!"

Janice and Marlena looked at each other in puzzlement and then turned toward Uhura. Janice gently rubbed her quickly healing wound: "What... what are you talking about? What has been proven?"

Nyota folded her arms across her chest. "It depends on whether you agree to work with us. Thanks for committing, Chris."

Chris finished cleaning her equipment and wiped the blood off Janice's neck. She had used a skin regenerator to close the open wound. She looked at Janice and Marlena and chuckled.

"It was Nyota who shut down the prostitution ring on the ship and almost made Reilly and Chekov childless, dickless jerks. Nyota has made it her mission to protect all the women on the ship."

"Yes, she wants the women to have leverage with the command crew, protecting their jobs and earning a fair share of the credits," Sharon added.

"You did that? Are you trying to take over the ship or something?" Janice demanded to know.

"Oh no, that trick has already been tried. Didn't you see what happened to Stone and the others? I want leverage like everyone else," Nyota said.

Marlena looked suspicious: "Why are you telling us? We're with Kirk!"

"I'm standing here watching you lick your wounds. I bested you two when you attacked me, and it wasn't even a fair fight. Still, I think you could help us."

"Why should we? What's in it for us?" Marlena asked. "We're sitting pretty with things as they are now."

"Wake up ladies! Those bodies of yours won't stay fresh forever, no matter how many tummy tucks or liposuctions you have done. What do you think will happen to you when Kirk gets tired of you?" Chris interjected.

The vixens looked at each other and nodded in agreement: "But first, please tell us... did you sleep with our man?" Janice asked.

"I did not. I got my promotion fair and square. Kirk said if I completed the Halkan agreement[1] as planned, he would give me the promotion. Since then I've been in all kinds of trouble over it!" Nyota spat with disgust.

Christine chimed in snarkily: "Oh wow, looks like the girls are going to play nice together now. Sharon, get us something to drink, please. Ladies take a seat; we have something to celebrate."

As the women sat around the room, Marlena had more questions: "So how does this work? What part do we play?"

"First, continue as Kirk's women and don't tell him you are in the Sisterhood. Our lives depend on it. You two are in the best position to convince Kirk to give the women safety, respect, and our fair share of the credits the crew earns."

"The Sisterhood? What an interesting name?" Marlena commented.

"That's because we are the unsung heroines of this ship. We always have to fight to survive in this universe. Nothing comes easy for our gender. Ladies! You two have the most advantages of all the women on this ship. The other women are jealous of you. But you can support all of us and lift up all female crew members. We just want what's fair across the board," Nyota said.

Christine leaned back in her chair and sipped her drink: "She's right, ladies. Women in the Empire are second-class citizens. Mind you, there are a few in upper command, but they are there only with the support of powerful men. Even they have to fight to keep their posts."

Janice and Marlena sat back and stared at each other as if they could converse in silent code.

Nyota leaned forward and stared at them intensely: "I don't want Kirk or his ship! I want equal treatment and fair pay for the female crew's contributions to successful missions. You two are in the best position, with your seductive ways, to convince him to help the women on this ship."

After a pause and deep thinking on the part of the vixens:

"It's a deal; we'll help." Janice said finally.

"Now that we are one big family, I would like to get on with my love life," Christine announced. Sharon stood next to Chris and hugged her waist.

"Let me leave first; we can't meet all the time. I will set up communications to let you know what is going on, just in case we are all being watched."

"Cool, Uhura... Um, sorry for jumping you," Marlena said sheepishly.

"I've become used to it, but this outcome is so much better than the others. I'll be in touch," Nyota said.

Uhura left for her quarters, feeling proud that she had convinced Kirk's women to join her 'hood'. She had worked up a sweat from the tangle with the vixens and could hardly wait to take a long shower to wash away the fight.

Meanwhile back at Christine's place, Janice and Marlena were still talking about Uhura. Janice asked: "How did she take down Chekov and Reilly?"

Christine smiled at them: "They were drugged. The b*stards had Tina Lawton by the throat for almost a year. She had enough and asked for help."

"Those two were perverts anyway; I could never trust them." responded Janice.

"What made matters worse for them was that Kirk took all their credits, about three hundred thousand," Christine added.

The two women's mouths fell open in shock: "What?"

"Where are the credits now?" Marlena asked.

Christine rolled her eyes at them: "Are you serious? Kirk kept those credits, along with all his personal stash. "

Janice and Marlena looked at each other, acknowledging that Christine made sense.


Chapter End Notes:

[1] The Halkans were the alien race threatened in the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" (Season 2, Episode 4).    

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